Creating healthy habits (75-90 min)

A fun way to practice mindfulness is to become aware of your habits (some good some not so good). In this workshop we practice the cultivation of winning habits - whether it has to do with exercise, diet, work or family. We also learn ways to get rid of habits that are not serving us well - technology addiction, addiction to sugar, cluttering etc. We also work on emotional habits such as ruminative thinking patterns, anger or getting emotional triggered by external things. 

Ready Set Go


All humans want happiness however, there is much confusion in our culture as to the sources of happiness. Because of this we end up chasing things that result in misery and running away from things that would lead to more happiness. In this workshop we help clear up some of this confusion and learn 8 new ways to bring happiness into our lives.

Stressed Man

mindfulness for Stress Reduction (75-90 min)

This workshop is for you if you've been feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, having panic attacks, have insomnia or just feel worn out. Through specific breath based and cognitive reappraisal techniques, we will find balance once again in our lives. We will practice ways to bring more energy into our day by doing less, and learn the art of yoga nidra for deep sleep. 

Mindfulness in Relationships (75 min)

We apply the tools of mindfulness to take a closer look at why things go sour in a relationship and what can be done about it. From parenting to work relationships, from spouses to extended family members - there is always someone who pushes our buttons and creates stress, anger or simply misery in our lives. How can we take a fresh look at these situations? Further, what is love and is romantic love really what it's made out to be? 

Mindful Eating (75 MIN)

Improving our relationship with food is the focus of this workshop. We will raise awareness of why we eat and how we eat. Are we emotional eaters, using food as solace, or do we use food to overcome restlessness of the mind? How can we eat more mindfully so that food can become a source of pleasure and eating can be a meditation itself. 

FINDING MEANING, purpose and happiness at work (60 min-2hours)

Purpose is defined in the literature as – “a stable and generalized intention to accomplish something that is both meaningful to the self and consequential to the world beyond self.” As we get caught in the mundane goals of earning a living, we can lose sight of this grander purpose, which leaves us feeling empty and bereft of joy. Work can co-exist with joy if we are living our purpose. In this workshop we explore how to bring meaning to our life. 


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