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I am a mindfulness and meditation teacher who is dedicated to helping people raise self-awareness and overcome mental blocks such as stress and anxiety, procrastination, perfectionism, lack of impulse control, addictions, attention deficit, and eating disorders. At the workplace, I help people find work-life balance, reconnect with meaning and purpose, cultivate a compassionate work environment, and raise levels of personal satisfaction and happiness. I derive my inspiration from the deep waters of ancient wisdom teachings of the world's major religions (such as but not limited to, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, Christianity), and also from the science-based research being conducted on the nature of the mind, the brain, and human behavior. 

I have taught mindfulness courses at academic institutions such as Princeton University, Stern School of Business (NYU), Columbia Business School (guest speaker), Manhattanville College, Rye Country Day School, Stamford Academy, and Hong Kong International School. I have conducted mindfulness workshops in the corporate sector for organizations such as Stripe and Deloitte. I am committed to bringing the benefits of this practice to my local community and thus teach adult classes at The Wainwright House, Bronxville Adult School, Harrison Public Library, The Osborn Center for Senior Living. I also work privately with corporate leaders, women's groups, children, and young adults who seek to reduce stress and find sources of happiness and meaning in their lives. 

After receiving my MBA from IESE (Barcelona), and a Ph.D. from Rutgers University, I worked in the corporate sector as well as taught as an Adjunct Professor. In 2007, I turned to meditation and mindfulness in my personal life and subsequently in my professional life, after training with several advanced teachers in the psycho-spiritual field.

"Mindfulness has been a life-changing practice for me. By shining the torchlight of attention on the innermost recesses of my subconscious mind, I have learned interesting things about my behavior patterns, and my deep-seated fears and desires. It has also helped me be less judgmental towards others as well as myself. I can now live my life with more courage, compassion, and open-heartedness." (Sangeeta) 

(Sangeeta lives with her husband and two children in New York).


" The 8-week chakra workshop I did with Sangeeta in 2021 is a deep dive into our chakra system that is truly life changing. Sangeeta is an exceptionally gifted teacher and a powerhouse of knowledge and insights. This class has pushed me to seek out the deeper truths of life, and has enabled me to notice things with heightened awareness. Sangeeta can break down difficult concepts with ease and bring great clarity to the discussions. She combines the knowledge with practical exercises such as "'grounding' and 'building new habits'  that have been a uniquely rewarding experience for me. I am forever grateful to Sangeeta for leading me through this transformative journey."

Rupali Arora, Participant in the 8-week Chakra Healing Workshop offered online in March 2021.


"Highly elevating and energizing practice taught beautifully by Sangeeta. She has a detailed and thorough mastery over chakra systems. Highly recommended." 

Slomi Sobti, Participant in the 8 -week Chakra Healing Workshop


Since 2013 Hong Kong International School continues to appreciate the relationship consultancy with Dr. Sangeeta Bansal developed over many years of working with our students, parents, and faculty. Dr. Bansal creates bespoke programming based on our institutional needs and continues to be a strong asset to our community. Over the years she has offered workshops on parenting teenagers, how and why teenagers make impulsive decisions, how to communicate, basic and advanced mindfulness, faculty mindfulness retreats, and parent mindfulness retreats. A strength of Dr. Bansal is that she can dive into a subject and create a presentation within several topics of a wellness curriculum. Please contact me anytime if you would like to have more information on Dr. Bansal’s approaches and workshops within a school setting"

Dr. David Lovelin, High School Principal, Hong Kong International School

"Sangeeta's ability to explain and guide us through the exercises was masterful and easily comprehensible. She made learning mindfulness an enjoyable experience and I highly recommend the class to people looking to begin a mindfulness practice."

Michael Gotlib, PSY.D. / Post Doctoral Fellow, Princeton University

"Sangeeta is truly a gifted mindfulness teacher. She has a deep and intuitive understanding of the concepts of mindfulness, and articulates them with a certain simplicity that is rare to come by! She has a way of connecting with each student in class as well as creating a mood in which each of us also felt connected with each other. Sangeeta's teaching is her art!"

Shefalika Gandhi, LCSW Clinical Social Worker, Counseling and Psychological Services, Princeton University

"I have known Sangeeta as a colleague and a mindfulness teacher since 2013.  As a school counselor, I've benefitted from her expertise and commitment to wellness.  Sangeeta encouraged our HKIS counseling program to embed a curriculum in mindfulness in each of our grade level seminars.  She presents mindfulness strategies and techniques to small groups and large classrooms, high school and adults with equal gentleness and finesse.  She has a heart for the wholeness of each person and delivers her experience with clarity and gravitas.   Most recently, I was fortunate to be her student in a faculty retreat studying the common threads of three wisdom traditions.  I came away with a sense of connection to her teaching, each of the participants and to my own spiritual path." 

Jennie Purvis, High School Counselor, Hong Kong International School

"Sangeeta intuitively understands that what speaks to the students today is a mix of scientific research on the brain as well as appealing to the emotional desire in all of us to take a mental break and re-aquaint ourselves with our bodies and souls. What makes her teaching style so engaging for students is that Sangeeta always gives the impression that she herself is in growth mode on her own journey, and she shares that graciously with her listeners."

Marty Schmidt, D.Ed., Humanities Teacher, Hong Kong International School

"After a session at our offices with Sangeeta, I was really happy to leave with a clear list of actionable practices to incorporate into my daily and weekly routine to build a life that I want. She presented a great blend of learnings from both spiritual traditions and scientific research to speak to a large (and very diverse) audience, and I really appreciated her flexibility in adapting her talk to fit our needs. 

Sangeeta empowered me to see that it is entirely within my power to become happier and more compassionate toward myself and others, making a relatively complex and sensitive subject extremely practical and relatable. I came away with a clearer understanding of how to take control of my life and create meaning in the workplace, and some great ideas of how to better connect with my colleagues in a compassionate way that facilitates more productive collaboration".


                  Charmaine Chen, Employee at leading tech start-up. (LinkedIn Page:

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