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Soothing Bell

Course catalog

8-week courses are the best way to create a long-lasting practice of mindfulness and meditation. We can meet in-person or online, one-on-one, in small or large groups.  

Currently, in 2021, the following courses are being offered.

- Breathwork for Mental and Physical Well-being (based on Pranayama principles)

- Enneagram Based Mindfulness and Meditation (Personality typing for personalized Spiritual Practices)

- Mindfulness and Meditation for Stress Reduction

- Shinrin-yoku - Forest Bathing (Mindful Walking in Nature)

- Creating New Healthy Habits - Overcoming Procrastination in Things that Matter to You

- Chakra Healing from a psycho-spiritual perspective 

- Changing Emotional Habits with the Emotional Freedom Technique 

- Cultivating Meditation as a Daily Habit

- The Science of Happiness for living our best lives

Green Water

Happiness is a skill, a daily practice and a healthy habit. We can retrain the brain to be happy!


Stress reduction is the first step towards finding a life of meaning and creativity. 

Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

Why are we here? What is the purpose of life, in particular our life? What brings meaning to our life? What are our unique abilities and how can we share these with the world?

Chakra Healing
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