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   live your best life with peace, purpose and joy 


mindfulness coach, speaker 

(corporate and academia)

Sangeeta uses meditation techniques to help calm anxiety, understand our emotional patterns and find ways to enhance meaning and joy in our lives.  Mindfulness gives us wisdom and compassion to live life fully. 

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email: sangeeta.bansal08@gmail.com


The busyness of our mind is sometimes counter productive for our goals and for our well-being. We can forget we are human beings and become human doings! Mindfulness is the ancient art (now backed by neuroscience) to enhance our awareness towards our bodies, minds, thoughts, emotions, feelings, motivations and intentions. 

reducing stress

Accumulation of prolonged stress in our system ravages the body and ultimately our health. Through simple breathing techniques, we can learn to make stress reduction a daily habit. This gives us the right energy to tackle the things that bring meaning and purpose to our lives!