Yoga Pose

Sangeeta teaches meditation techniques to help calm anxiety, understand our deeply embedded emotional patterns, and find ways to enhance meaning and joy in our lives.  Meditation gives us courage, wisdom and compassion to live life fully. 

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After a mindfulness session with Sangeeta, I was really happy to leave with a clear list of actionable practices to incorporate into my daily and weekly routine to build a life that I want. 

She presented a great blend of learnings from both spiritual traditions and scientific research to speak to a large (and very diverse) audience, and I really appreciated her flexibility in adapting her talk to fit our needs. 

Sangeeta empowered me to see that it is entirely within my power to become happier and more compassionate toward myself and others, making a relatively complex and sensitive subject extremely practical and relatable. I came away with a clearer understanding of how to take control of my life and create meaning in the workplace, and some great ideas of how to better connect with my colleagues in a compassionate way that facilitates more productive collaboration.


Charmaine Chen (

Employee at leading tech start-up.


The busyness of our mind is sometimes counter productive for achieving our goals and also for our well-being. We can forget we are human beings and become human doings! Mindfulness is the ancient art (now backed by neuroscience) of focusing attention to enhance our awareness towards our own bodies, minds, thoughts, emotions, feelings, motivations and intentions.